Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Under Rs 5000 in India Reviews 2020

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 5000 in India Reviews 2020

A vacuum cleaner is now a day is as similar to a refrigerator. It is an electronic device that creates suction to remove debris from floors, upholstery, draperies, and other wet and dry surfaces. If you are familiar with these devices and make a mindset to buy a one with good quality and within your budget then we have researched and listed 10 best vacuum cleaner under 5000 in India.

Buying an ideal vacuum cleaner for your household needs is always a difficult job and when there are many more options available to choose from it becomes harder to decides the right one. We have sorted your problem and created a list of 10 best vacuum cleaner under 5000 in India.

There is a verity of vacuum cleaner available in the market like canister vacuums, robot vacuums, stick vacs, HEPA vacuums, handheld vacuums, but there is no need to worry we have listed vacuum cleaner here with there pros and cons so that it will be easy to buy a right one for you.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Under Rs 5000

Here is a quick list of the best vacuum cleaner under Rs 5000 that we have collected for you after extensive research and for your convenience we have provided the best buying link so that you can buy a one for you with the best offers available.

Best Vacuum Cleaner
Filter Type
Dust Bad Capacity
Buy Now
Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX1200W
Bag Type
1 Year
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Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner1200W
Cloth Bag
2 Years
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Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip1000W
Bag Type
1 Year
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AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner700W
2 Years
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Black+Decker VH802800W
Cloth bag filter
6 months
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Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner1200W
Advanced HEPA
1 Year
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Inalsa Micro WD101000W
Cloth Bag
1 Year
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1. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX got the first position in our list of 10 best vacuum cleaner under 5000 in India because of its customer reviews on Amazon. There are no. of peoples used this and share their experience with the product. If you are searching for a trusted and budget-friendly vacuum cleaner then Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX would be a great choice for you.

With its comfortable operation and easy to use foot-operated power on-off switch make you fall in love with cleaning and its chord winder switch makes cord winding easy after use. Its automatic cable winder makes it easy to use and store.

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX comes with the canister body type means you can clean sofa, carpet, upholstery along with surface, staircase, ceiling fans.

It has one nice feature that is it indicates when the dust bag is full and after that, you can turn off and unplug the vacuum cleaner for cleaning and reuse.

The vacuum cleaner comes with the power of 1200 watts and an operating voltage of 230 volts. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX has suction control on the handle to control the airflow which is generated by the powerful 1700mm suction motor.

The package includes 1 Forbes Quick Clean Dx vacuum cleaner itself, 1 flexible hose pipe, 2 extension tube, 1-floor cum carpet brush, 1 crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and 4 paper bags

The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product but in case if you got any problem with your product you can contact them on [18602661177].


✔️ Dust bag full indicator
✔️ Automatic Cord Winder
✔️ Easy to use foot-operated power on-off switch
✔️ 1-year warranty on the product
✔️ Canister body type
✔️ Suction control on the handle


❌ Capacity is 1 liter
❌ Not suitable for wet surfaces
❌ Not comes with a blower

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2. Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching for a vacuum cleaner for your big house so that you can clean the whole house at once with ease then the Inalsa Spruce vacuum cleaner would be your ideal choice. Because of its powerful 1200W motor which makes it capable to provide plenty of suction power.

It comes with a powerful blower so that in open areas and outdoors you can use a powerful blower to throw the dust. Inalsa Spruce vacuum cleaner is easy to use along with this it is easy to carry because of its light weight of only 2.8 Kg. Its compact size makes it capable to fit into a small cupboard, lightweight, and easy to store.

Inalsa Spruce vacuum cleaner comes with the high storage capacity dust bag of 2L which helps you to keep cleaning cautiously without the tension of the cleaning bag again and again. Its high-filtration cloth dust bag that can be washed and reused and the rotation of its 360-degree wheels makes it easy to work on multiple directions with smooth movement.

The vacuum cleaner has a hosepipe of length 130cm and it’s extension pipe length 40cm which is pretty enough and the main thing is its 4.5 m long cord which allows you clean every single part of your house without switching the electric board or without any extension cable.

When you purchase the product you get in the package 1 unit of the Inalsa Spruce vacuum cleaner, extension pipe 2 no’s, flexible hose pipe with a curved handgrip, crevice nozzle cum upholstery brush, sofa brush, multi brush for carpet/floor, blower plate, instruction manual cum warranty card.

Inalsa Spruce vacuum cleaner comes with the 2 Year warranty from the date of purchase but if there is any issue in the product you can contact them on: [9773982069] [9773982070].


✔️ Powerful 1200W motor
✔️ 360-degree wheels rotation
✔️ The lightweight of only 2.8 Kgs
✔️ 2L dust bag capacity
✔️ 4.5 m long cord length
✔️ Comes with blower
✔️ Retractable pipe
✔️ Overheat protection


❌ Only for dry surface
❌ The blower is not powerful

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3. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip

Lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip comes with onboard accessory storage. This vacuum cleaner is specially designed for deep cleaning. Easy to use foot-operated power on-off switch and chord winder switch make this vacuum cleaner a little easy to work with and carry.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip has a dust bag full indicator which indicates when a dust bag is full so that you can empty it for reuse.

This product is complete installation free so that you just need to unbox the product and you can use it. Its attractive and stylish design and its portable size with the budget-friendly price make it a nice and ideal choice. Its canister body type is also a major point for choosing Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip.

You can control its suction for variable airflow with the switch provided in the handle. This vacuum cleaner is only for dry surface and indoor uses.

The company provides 12 months warranty but in case if you feel any issue in the products then please contact brand customer care on [ 18602661177 ]

Package includes 1 unit Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip vacuum cleaner, floor and carpet brush, multipurpose nozzle, flexible hose pipe, extension tubes, and user manual to understand the product and its features easily.


✔️ Auto cord winder
✔️ Dust bag full indicator
✔️ Suction control switch
✔️ Foot-operated power on-off switch
✔️ 12 months warranty
✔️ 1000 watts power


❌ Only for dry surface
❌ Does not have a blower
❌ 1L capacity

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4. AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

With the unique cyclonic cylinder design, AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best choices in terms of cleaning performance and energy efficiency with the only 25 kWh consumption of electricity per year.

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner that means you don’t need to purchase disposable paper dust bags because of its reusable dust cup. You can just reuse it again and again after washing it when it becomes full.

As it already mentioned that AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner comes with the cyclonic cylinder design because it provides intense suction power that effectively draws in air, dirt, dust, animal hair, and other debris. Its washable HEPA-12 filter is capable of captures more than 99.5 percent of all dust particles for a cleaner air release.

Its 1.5L capacity cylinder makes it small, compact and lightweight, and easy to carry. Its sliding button is easy to use to regulate the suction power with the power of 700W.

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner comes with 2 Years limited warranty for manufacturing defects. You can reach them for warranty related queries on [1800-419-0416]

Additional features and accessories of AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner are 5m cable length, 1.5m adjustable hose, the low running sound of 78 decibels, cord storage, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dust brush, parquet brush, and accessory holder.


✔️ Cyclonic Cylinder design
✔️ Sliding button to control the suction power
✔️ HEPA-12 filter
✔️ Low running sound (78 decibels)
✔️ 2 Years Limited Warranty
✔️ 5m cable length
✔️ 1.5m adjustable hose


❌ 1.5L capacity
❌ Only for dry surface
❌ Not comes with the blower function

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5. Black+Decker VH802

Black+Decker VH802 vacuum cleaner is better in thorough cleaning with the help of an 800-watt motor. Its turbo brush is for carpet cleaning and blower function is for the blow out dirt and dust.

Black+Decker VH802 comes with a transparent bowl of 0.9L capacity which gives a clear view of dust so that you can check for any valuable thing.

Its soft extension hose is for cleaning difficult to reach areas of the house. Also, the company provides 2 additional attachments for crevice and sofa cleaning.

The company provides a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase and the package comes with the Black+Decker VH802 vacuum cleaner unit, turbo brush, multipurpose brush, crevice plus upholstery brush, 2 Extension tubes, flexible hose, and shoulder strap.

But in case if you find any problem with the product you can contact them on: [ 1860-425-1111 ]


✔️ Portable, compact, lightweight, and easy to store
✔️ Comes with blower function
✔️ Best for small houses
✔️ Durable and worth of money
✔️ A washable dust cloth bag


❌ Only for small areas
❌ Suction power is not so powerful

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6. Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Prestige is one of the best Indian brands that rule in the Indian market in the category of consumer electronics and well-known for its quality products. Here about which vacuum cleaner we were going to discuss is also from Prestige.

Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be used on both dry and wet surfaces. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for a 2BHK flat along with it is also a good option for an office or restaurant because of its large dust storing capacity of 10L. Despite its heavy body, you can easily move it due to its 360-degree rotating wheels.

This Prestige vacuum cleaner comes with an Advanced HEPA filter. This Advanced HEPA filter is capable of draws the air with dust, dirt, animal fur along with other dust particles and after cleaning the air it releases the same air back to the room. Power suction cleans dry and wet surfaces with ease but its blower is helpful to get rid of debris where suction heads are not reachable.

It comes with the 1200W power and it has a unique auto cut flow feature that cuts the inflow of water or any liquid automatically when the dust barrel is full and protects the motor from being damaged due to overflow.

The package comes with the 1 unit of Prestige vacuum cleaner, floor brush, absorbing brush, crevice tool, and a corner brush along with that with the 1 year of the warranty period in India.


✔️ 10L capacity dust bag
✔️ 360-degree movement
✔️ Auto Cut Flow feature
✔️ Advanced HEPA filter
✔️ For both wet and dry surface
✔️ Comes with Blower


❌ Not auto foldable power cord
❌ Minor heating issues

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7. Inalsa Micro WD10

When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner for commercial use or for the cleaning of a restaurant or office where a minimum of 3 to 5 rooms need to be clean we suggest buying a vacuum cleaner with higher storage capacity and power. For a small vacuum cleaner that we have discussed before it becomes heavy load work with their small capacity and power.

Inalsa Micro WD10 comes with a 10 liters high capacity container equipped with a powerful 1000W motor that is capable of delivering 14KPA strong suction power for longer operation. Also, there is an impact-resistant polymer tank for longer usage, life, and durability.

Inalsa Micro WD10 comes in the last in our list of 10 best vacuum cleaner under 5000 in India but it doesn’t mean that it is weak in any terms of cleaning. No matter the surface is dry or wet this vacuum cleaner will take care of it. It comes with the blower function that is suitable for cleaning the unreachable areas.

Its “Safe Buoy Technology” protects the machine from damage and ensures its long life. This feature immediately stops the inflow of water when the liquid storage capacity of the tank is full.

Its four 360° rotating wheels make it capable to move flexibly in any direction you want. It is compact and lightweight and easy to store.

The company provided 1-year warranty in the product along with that four different types of cleaning tool included in the package like a dry and wet brush for smooth surfaces, floor cum carpet brush for carpet and floor cleaning, the round nozzle is for small spaces and soft surfaces and 2 in 1 crevice nozzle for hard to reach areas for cleaning.


✔️ 10 liters high capacity container
✔️ 1000W motor
✔️ Inflow damage protection
✔️ 1-year warranty
✔️ 360° rotating wheels
✔️ Has blower function
✔️ Less noise


❌ Little heating issue

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Final Thoughts:

In today’s time, the traditional way of cleaning the surface is not enough because it takes lots of time and effort and now the most valuable thing is time. And in a working family, a vacuum cleaner is a must-have appliance. If you decided to buy a right one then it’s nice if not then Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX will be a good choice for you. In this list of best vacuum cleaner under 5000, the second one that is Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner is best you little conscious about your budget. And if you are searching for an all in one vacuum cleaner for you then Inalsa Micro WD10 will do a great job for you.

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