The aviation industry can hit emissions goals, but new fuels need to take flight first

A Pandemic Tragedy on Brazil’s Lago Verde Top Digital Buy
Aviation is an industry that’s notoriously difficult to decarbonize. Strict operating and safety requirements limit what technology can be used. Equipment has a long lifetime, so a plane built today will still be flying in 2050. That means technical progress needs to happen quickly to make a dent in emissions decades in the future. “If … Read more

Pure Storage’s new FlashBlade solution doubles storage density, performance and efficiency

A Pandemic Tragedy on Brazil’s Lago Verde Top Digital Buy
Pure Storage has been a pioneer in the world of flash-based storage for some time. It was front and center when all flash arrays appeared about a decade ago. In 2017, the company introduced FlashBlade as a unified, high-performance platform that combined file and object storage. Now, Pure Storage’s tool, FlashBlade // S, brings a … Read more

Genesys brings more AI to boost customer service at contact centers

For customer experience and contact center leader Genesys, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly at the foundation of all its services. At the company’s Xperience ’22 conference today, Genesys announced its new integration with Pointillist’s contact center optimization technology. Genesys acquired Pointillist in December 2021 in a bid to help bring new AI … Read more

Playable Worlds adds Gordon Walton to cloud-native MMO team

A Pandemic Tragedy on Brazil’s Lago Verde Top Digital Buy
Interested in learning what’s next for the gaming industry? Join gaming executives to discuss emerging parts of the industry this October at GamesBeat Summit Next. Learn more. Playable Worlds announced today new hires for its cloud-native MMO project. The company hired veteran developer Gordon Walton as executive producer and chief product officer. It also hired … Read more